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“If we are not able to change the world, we can at least change the environment we live in, and make it better and more comfortable”

“Exclusive Wood” Company is a modern enterprise specialized in retailing and wholesaling of modern timber types for construction and repair works, and furniture production. The main thing distinguishing our Company from competitors is the unique selection of rare exotic materials which are very difficult to get, and exclusive goods items which are impossible to replace during creation, decoration and designing of elite projects and sites.

Wholesale and Wide Range of Timber from Manufacturers

For added convenience we have combined the most in-demand materials and the most valuable wood species in one project – on the pages of our on-line store. High-quality timber types at wholesale are presented in our catalogue: the widest range of split firewood made of fruitwood, softwood and hardwood species, planed board, edged board, high-quality bar made of rare wood species and other items of high demand. You can also find a great variety of floor coverings made of valuable and exotic natural wood species in the catalogue: decking and floor board, block parquet made of solid wood of rare wood species. Modern and popular wall coverings for internal and external finishing are also presented here: batten, planken, platband, plinth and other materials necessary for interior design. 

Unique Offer from “Exclusive Wood” Company

Wood assortment of our on-line store fully complies with its name – we have a full collection of rare and hard-to-get materials made of exotic wood species from all over the world for implementation of the most unique construction and interior design solutions. 

Our Company capabilities allow to offer our customers the greatest variety of timber made of valuable wood species in Northland, and regarding some items - in Europe as well. Good timber is the basis which forms future quality and aesthetic properties of any natural wood products. Any timber offered to you in the on-line store of “Exclusive Wood” Company has high customer value and prominent style; exotic items are radically different from items offered by our competitors and from standard timber in price and quality.

You can always buy elite and high-tech timber with unique properties acquired from natural wood with the help of new treatment technologies such as stabilized and thermal treatments from “Exclusive Wood” Company. In the result of thermal treatment wood of softwood and hardwood tree species acquires special protective properties which significantly expand its application spectrum. Unusual and fascinating beauty, as well as exceptional resistance to any external influences are the factors which distinguish high-quality stabilized wood made of valuable tree species. Items made from stabilized or thermally modified wood undergo complex treatment and cost quite a lot, but our customers have a possibility to buy timber made of thermally modified or stabilized wood at very favourable prices. 

“Exclusive Wood” store of elite timber types offers construction and finishing materials made of the rarest and exotic wood of Karelian birch, bog oak and many other wood species for creation of unique architectural forms and elite interior designs. The Company wood assortment also has new innovative items such as elite wood wallpaper, wall parquet made of valuable and exotic wood species.

Advantages of Cooperation with “Exclusive Wood” Company

“Exclusive Wood” Company thoroughly selects suppliers of the materials being guided by one old fundamental truth – you will never build something good using bad materials by any stretch of the imagination. From such a great variety of timber made of especially valuable wood species presented at the market, we select only the best and high-quality materials and offers. We are open for cooperation with public and private sector organizations, enterprises and individuals all over the world.

Direct long-term contracts with suppliers provide us with the opportunity to fulfill the most urgent and large orders from our customers, quickly deliver the rarest and exclusive materials from all over the world to any country of our customers’ residence.

Our collections of elite timber are constantly renewed opening new horizons and providing new opportunities for our customers in construction and decoration. Our professionality and individual approach to customers and fulfillment of orders allow us to provide exceptional service and convenient forms of cooperation.

You can always buy valuable exotic timber from “Exclusive Wood” store where our specialists will individually consult every customer and take into account all the customers’ requests. We can guarantee the exceptional quality of our products due to thorough multisample inspection, high-quality package and observation of strict norms and regulations at all the stages of our product promotion. 

A formula for success of our Company is flexible pricing policy, high quality of products, professional and dedicated company employees, thorough order placement and maximum fulfilment of our customers’ requirements.

What we value most is your trust and our own reputation! These are the most important things providing for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We wish you pleasant purchases from “Exclusive Wood” Company!